Cristina + Francis

After my own experience, I now tell everyone who is pregnant to 1) get a doula regardless of their birth plan and 2) Brooke in particular was amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better birth experience and Brooke had a lot to do with it. If we have a second baby, we will have Brooke there again. There were a few things that both my husband and I really appreciated about Brooke:

1. Her attitude, knowledge and presence: we clicked with Brooke from the first visit, she had the right level of involvement with us and brought tons of experience and a wealth of knowledge that made us very comfortable that if things got difficult she would be able to guide us. 

2. Her preparation and tactics: she went above and beyond to make things comfortable for all three of us (myself, husband and mother). From the candles and the oils to setting up a bath for me, to constantly helping me in different positions,  to counting through the contractions (for hours!), to massaging and teaching my husband how he could participate. 

3. Her stamina: From the moment I needed Brooke until I went to sleep after delivery, she was there, for all 22 hours of it with no naps or rest. My husband was able to nap knowing that I was well taken care of and even while taking care of me she managed to capture beautiful moments on camera that we now get to enjoy. 

Brooke was absolutely incredible and I am sure that anyone choosing her as a doula will have an absolutely wonderful experience.

Aimée + Márcia

We had a great experience working with Cherie as our birth doula. In our meetings leading up to the birth, she helped us think through different scenarios and prioritize what was most important to us. She also provided a lot of helpful resources and information so that we could inform ourselves and be more proactive in preparing for the birth.

She made herself very accessible and available for any questions that came up for us along the way. We also really appreciated that she works with a group of other doulas who serve as back ups for each other and have group meetings with their clients on a regular basis to discuss birth-related topics.

Cherie was very knowledgeable about different approaches and interventions, and during our labor and delivery we found it very grounding and useful to consult with her when decisions had to be made. She is a warm person who we immediately felt comfortable with, and her calm and positive energy was exactly what we needed throughout the whole process. And, as two moms, it was especially important for us to work with someone who understood where we were coming from. She continued to check in and make herself available for the initial postpartum weeks, and it was so nice to have somebody who had been on this journey with us continue ask questions, listen, and provide relevant resources, information, and support. We’d definitely work with her again given the opportunity.



I was committed to having as natural a birth as circumstances would allow. Maya provided my husband and I with tons of great information prior to the birth that helped us enter into the experience feeling confident and prepared. I was in labor for around 27 hours for most of which Maya was present. To say that her support and focus were unwavering would be an understatement. As someone who, in daily life, finds it difficult to ask for help, the ways in which labor made me vulnerable and dependent upon those around me was incredibly challenging. Maya was completely present with me during every moment, anticipating my needs, reminding me to breathe, and advocating on my behalf - all with boundless patience, love and compassion.

Maya, I feel such gratitude when I think of how Rilke came into this world and I owe it all to you. Your deep intuition, self-assuredness and empathy made a very long and painful labor into the most compelling evidence of the transformative power of love that I have ever personally experienced. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives.


We could not imagine our unforgettable labor and birth experience without Brooke's guidance and support. She exudes a calm, warmth and confidence. Throughout our very long labor, she helped us remain centered and confident through modeling and gentle coaching. She remained present always, stepped in to provide help when she knew it was needed, and stepped back to help empower us as we navigated the process as a couple. She is extremely knowledgeable. She identified that our baby was in posterior position and swiftly suggested and modeled positions that successfully turned our baby around. She brought a firm, loving and gentle touch to every position, providing a sense of safety and comfort.

We know that Brooke is committed to serving families through labor and birth because of the incredible experience she has, because of her performance during our birth and also through the relationship we developed. Her passion for birth, women’s empowerment and families is tangible.


Dana + Ari

We LOVED having Cherie be a part of our first few days back from the hospital.  She is an incredibly calming presence, super knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  When I was exhausted, confused and had no idea what I was doing, she heard me.  She was there to help me tactically - she showed me how to bathe the twins and help me figure out how to manage the whole process with 2 screaming babies, she helped me learn the boba wrap and gave me lots of advice about bottles, and formula and schedules and breastfeeding.  Maybe more importantly she listened to me while I cried, she brought me tidbits about current events and helped my feel less disconnected from the world.  She was wonderful.  I totally recommend her.


Maya brings with her a breath of clarity and lightens any mood and makes vulnerabilities feel comfortable. I had a planned home birth and tensions were heightened as my partner and I tried to set up the birth tub and my labor seemed to be getting intense VERY quickly. As soon as Maya showed up...the air in the room shifted and she helped our frantic selves calm down and get things in order. Maya was at my side and picking up on exactly what I needed throughout the birth. 

Having her to contact whenever towards the end of pregnancy was crucial to my well being as well.....she is amazing at what she does and I can't recommend her enough!


Shani + Blake

We hired Cherie as a postpartum doula to help us get settled with our first baby and were thrilled to have done so. The first few days after our daughter’s birth, we were so overwhelmed with trying to take care of her, figure out feeding, and adjusting to our new life that having Cherie there to help guide us was a lifesaver. Even small things, like taking out the trash (or diapers) almost felt like luxuries in those first few days and having Cherie to help do them made a huge difference in our quality of life. Furthermore, it felt like we were on guard duty all the time, so taking showers or even getting naps seemed difficult. Cherie’s presence made getting those naps in and a warm shower so much easier and less stressful.

In addition, having Cherie’s knowledgeable hands helped us learn how best to take care of our daughter. Everything from changing diapers to giving her first bath was explained and modeled in a way so easy to follow that even my husband got it!

We wholeheartedly recommend Cherie as a postpartum day doula and are happy to answer any questions that come up.


My husband and I are so grateful for Brooke! Our first night home was incredibly difficult: our son would only sleep when held, and would cry whenever we tried to put him down. This wasn't something we had prepared for in any way, and were so relieved when Brooke came for that first night. Not only did my husband and I get a break, but she also helped my son learn to sleep in his bassinet.

We were lucky to work with Brooke until our son was 3 months - during that time she helped not only getting my son to sleep, but also with the many questions I had as a new parent. Brooke was incredibly knowledgeable, and whenever she didn't know the answer to a question, she was quick to follow up with an answer.

Brooke was a supportive presence during a vulnerable time (both being a new parent, and in the middle of the night), and I am so grateful for her support as I figured out how to be a mom. She helped usher me into motherhood with warmth, grace, kindness, and a sense of humor. I can't recommend her more highly, and hope I'll work with her again!



Maya brings a perfect blend of empathy, integrity, wisdom, and fortitude to her practice. She is deeply knowledgeable about the subject matter and clearly cares about her work. From the outset of the process – whether during in-person visits or via text an ad via text and email –she was engaged with our family.

Jessica and I both wanted a “natural birth” for our son. However, during the pregnancy, I sometimes felt that the natural birthing community sets up an unnecessarily adversarial relationship with medical practitioners. When we arrived at the hospital, I really appreciated how Maya managed to act as an advocate for Jessica in the delivery room while maintaining a collaborative relationship with the midwife and nurses who were acting as our birth team. Maya’s presence throughout the process was soothing for both Jessica and I and I attribute her to being essential in Jessica having the birth outcome she wanted. I am profoundly grateful and thankful that we found her and were able to work with her.

Becca + John

Cherie was absolutely critical to our birth experience. From the first interaction she was so considerate and responsive and always brought a calm and professional demeanor throughout the entire experience. She was sensitive to our preferences and extremely knowledgeable about different options.

As we neared labor she was patient and provided feedback to my wife on different sensations that she was feeling and as soon as it was time to head into the SF Birth Center she jumped into action. Throughout the birth Cherie was absolutely perfect and adjusted rapidly depending on the current moment. She was not only supportive to Mom but also to Dad to ensure that all were comfortable, fed and able to be present. We will never forget the small hand fan that she brought out and provided Mom with just the right amount of cooling breeze :-). We can’t more highly recommend Cherie as your choice for doula!



We loved working with Brooke . . . Seeing her in this capacity was truly seeing her in her element. She was made to do this. She met with my husband and I a few times before my due date with my second son. She was very informative, helpful and supportive of our birth plan. She had a few exercises for us to do before hand that were very helpful for us to process through bringing another child into the world.

My labor was fairly quick but it was invaluable having Brooke there to take photos of our first seconds meeting our son. It was so nice to have her present and a part of his birth. We were so glad to have her! I highly recommend her, especially if you don't know much about doulas or feel like it wouldn't be a good fit if you are considering having pain medication or don't necessarily want a fully natural birth. She was very knowledgeable and supportive of us the whole time. 


Maya was recommended by a friend and when I spoke with her I immediately liked her and found her to be unpretentious, knowledgable, and fun. I was concerned about unnecessary medical intervention and wanted support advocating for myself. These concerns turned out to be important as I was induced for a medical condition called cholestasis. Maya held neutral space for me to think things through . . . her influence was like an emotional ballast during a scary time.

The induction took a while, and when my contractions hit they were very intense. Maya showed up, got me comfortable and moving, and within a half hour of her arrival I was ready for the pushing phase of labor. It was an empowering experience. With Maya’s care and encouragement the pushing phase was short enough that we were able to avoid the extra intervention and give birth vaginally to a healthy baby.

I will be forever grateful for Maya’s role in my pregnancy and birth. I will also never forget her hand feeding me cheese and crackers while I cuddled my puffy newborn baby with both my arms. during my recovery, one of the most seasoned nurses from my birth let me know how much she enjoyed working with Maya. She really liked the energy in the room and felt that the birth was a beautiful experience. I agree!