Birth Doula Services

We use our confidence and understanding of a diverse range of birth settings, providers, and families to support our clients on their individual journey whether that be a home, hospital, or birth center birth.

Throughout your pregnancy you will work with two primary doulas from our collective. You will meet with each of them prenatally to prepare, plan, and share about your hopes for your birth and new family. Both doulas will be on call for your labor, with one of us attending your birth. You are also invited to join us at our monthly prenatal group where you can spend time with all three of us, and with other expectant parents, building community and exploring further topics to support your birth and pregnancy.

After working individually in private practice we know that the collective model allows us to provide more comprehensive, sustainable, and consistent support to every family. We operate with a shared ethos, sense of wonder and joy of birth.


  • One complimentary consultation - Having doulas you feel comfortable with is so important. This conversation gives us time to talk face-to-face, discuss how we can support you, and see if we're the right fit for your birth team.

  • Two prenatal visits -  During these visits we take time to get to know your family and how we can best support you. We'll work together to build your preferences for birth and address questions about interventions, hospital/home birth/birth center protocol, and the physiology of labor and birth as we go. We demonstrate and practice comfort measures and positions for labor with you (and your partner), and discuss how we'll work as a team both at home and at your birth place.

  • Monthly group prenatals - You are encouraged to join a monthly gathering for all of our current clients hosted by the three of us to meet, learn, and share. This is an opportunity to meet the third doula in the collective, build community with other expecting folks, and learn about relevant pregnancy, birth, or postpartum topics.

  • Email, text, phone support - From the time we sign our agreement to our postpartum visit, we are available to answer questions and give support via email, text or phone calls.

  • Continuous labor support - From 37 - 42 weeks, we are on call for your labor. Your doula will join you when you need and offer:

    • Emotional support and reassurance

    • Help creating a calm and safe environment for labor

    • Suggestions to facilitate labor progress with positions, breathing, movement, and hydrotherapy

    • Hands on support through massage, counter pressure, and hot/cold therapy

    • Care for you and your support partner(s)

  • One post birth visit - Whichever doula attended your birth will visit you at your home in the week or two after your birth to follow up with you, see how you're settling in with your new baby, and offer suggestions or resources for newborn care, feeding and self care.


We serve families living and birthing in San Francisco and parts of the East Bay, Marin, and the Peninsula.

Our fees are sliding scale based on family income. This allows families of varying resources to access our services. We use the San Francisco Area Median Income (AMI) chart to help families determine what price tier they fall in. Using the chart, find your income in relation to the current number of household members and that will determine the percentage of the AMI for your family.

Our Birth Doula Fee:
under 80% AMI - $1600
80%-120% AMI - $1800
above 120% AMI - $2000

Please contact us for payment plans and options.