A postpartum doula helps parents with newborn care and bonding, as well as emotional and physical childbirth recovery, in the first days and weeks of newborn life.

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, the "fourth trimester" is a time of adjustment and healing. As postpartum doulas, we will be there to ease this transition by helping you focus on bonding with and caring for your new little one.  We are here to listen, help you stay nourished and your home tended, answer questions and offer resources for additional support. There are a million ways to be an amazing parent and we’re here to help you feel comfortable and confident in finding what's best for you and your family.


  • One in-home prenatal meeting - We'll spend time getting to know each other and discuss your postpartum plans and possible needs.

  • Encouraging, non-judgmental postpartum support including, but not limited to:

    • Breast/chest/bottle feeding assistance

    • Newborn care (swaddling, diapers, bathing)

    • Snack/meal preparation

    • Light housekeeping and laundry

    • A calm, reassuring presence and a listening ear

  • Access to local resource list - Referrals to professionals within the community for all your postpartum and newborn needs.

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Postpartum support scheduling is quite flexible depending on the needs of the family, but for many, these are good options to start with.

Package A: 54 hours, $2100
Weeks 1-2, 4 hours x 3 visits weekly
Weeks 3-4, 3 hours x 3 visits weekly
Weeks 5-6, 3 hours x 2 visits weekly

Package B: 36 hours, $1400
Weeks 1-2, 4 hours x 3 visits weekly
Weeks 3-4, 3 hours x 2 visits weekly

Hourly Day Rate: 3-4 hours per visit

Night Package: 8 hours per visit
$380 per night OR
$360 per night if booking 6 or more nights

Please contact us to discuss payment options and plans.